Lithium batteries have a long list of real-world applications beyond running the apps on your phone. From life-saving medical equipment to luxury yachts, lithium batteries keep both the essentials and the comforts of modern life running with safety and reliability.

Lithium Batteries offer numerous advantages like compact size, lightweight, high energy density, high depth of discharge, low self-discharge, long cycle life, etc.
Thus, these batteries have secured an upper hand over other battery technologies and find their use in varied applications consumer electronics, electrical vehicles, solar devices, railways, telecommunications, etc.

solar home lighting system


Solar equipment like solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, solar lamps, solar lanterns, solar torches, etc need to be handy and light in weight and thus promote the use of lithium batteries.

Mobile phone with pad and laptop


Consumer Electronics such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, pads, notebooks, music players, cameras, etc are some commonly known daily use devices that use lithium batteries.

electric scooter


Electrical Vehicles are becoming the need for modern transportation, due to rapidly depleting fossil fuels. Thus, lithium batteries are the newest battery technology being adopted for electric vehicles.

Medical Equipment


Medical devices have been wary of designing in Lithium-Ion batteries, mainly due to reasons of safety. Lithium-ion batteries are being developed for non-implantable and implantable medical devices.



Lithium-Ion is the most commonly used style of battery in digital cameras, particularly in DSLRs. They are lighter, more powerful, and more compact than other batteries.

telecom engineering


We provide Lithium–Ion batteries in various Telecom Applications. Lithium-ion batteries are energetic, rapid rechargeable, and have a longer life.

Customized Battery

We focus on helping our customers design the best custom battery pack products that are the most cost-effective, environmentally safe, and exceed all of their specifications. Our goal is to reach your specifications.